Killing Batman

KILLING BATMAN: A Psycho-Self Analysis

I have to kill the Dark Knight inside of me… the Son wants to come out. Not everyone can identify, but what Batman represents has resonated within me for many years. The cool, calm, collected loner with little to no responsibility to anyone, who sacrifices himself to a greater cause while doing what is right in his own eyes; energized by anger under a twisted sense of justice… has been a rather appealing figure for me to follow.

The closest fictional people in this fictional character’s life are a servant, a cop, and a protégé. His self-centeredness is masked by his greater sense of service to a dying world, and his thirst for murder has been satisfied on the villains he has created. Yes, some have argued that Batman’s very presence gives life to Gotham’s worst citizens. In truth Batman is more kin to the Joker he fights than to the justice he seeks.


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 Ibs.

Motivation: Hatred, Depression, Anger, Revenge

There is no Jesus in Batman… so there should be no Jesus students in Batmobiles.

I have clung to the Batman, somewhere in my belief system he is intermingled with teachings on self-control, boldness, and waging war against sin and injustice. He has been there far too long, and has served as a crutch instead of a weapon, a hiding place instead of a headquarters. But his crutch has failed me time and time again, and his hiding place has turned me over to my enemies without compromise. There is no good in him, but yet I pledged allegiance.

How wicked are the meditations of man’s heart.

I wish my younger self could see the trail of dismembered friends Batman leaves behind, loyal to nothing but his pain; dying from a sickness and refusing the remedy.

Batman loves the dark,

Dark Knight

trained by the League of Shadows

taught by the Devil’s Head (Ras Al Ghul)

God forgive me, my rage has killed my family;

my lust for power devoured souls.

I know my Way is Jesus

not a road in the City of Fools.


How deep is our sin, created in the crimes of our parents. But Jesus has rescued us from our past.


Yeshua is the Light

King of Kings

raised to the Right Hand of the Father

the only begotten Son of God


I have to kill Batman, send a Sword through his cowl.

My identity is Christ alone

City of Fools behind me

The Kingdom of Heaven is my home.

Jesus please kill Batman, he’s tormenting my soul

I’ve come to learn he hates You

His father is Liar; his mother is a ho

You’ve freed me from his anger

Please come and kill my clone.