King and Country

Do you know the country you belong to? Do you know its name or it’s governmental structure? Do you know its beliefs or its purpose? In school Americans have to learn about their government, its history, its beliefs, and its values. As a student of Jesus it is important for you to learn these same things about your new kingdom.



It is more important to know how to become a part of this kingdom than it is to know how it works or even what it is, but once you have become a citizen it is your responsibility to become educated on the Country to which you belong.

In Exodus God says to His people you will be a kingdom of priests to Me. In the Gospels Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven is coming. In his letters Paul said New Jerusalem is our mother.

When you immigrate to another country you learn a new language, and a new culture, you even take a test about the country’s history and its beliefs. Instead of us having to take a test though, Jesus took it for us. Our only requirement is our belief in Him as the Son of God.

God has given us a position in His kingdom, in addition to being His sons and daughters, and just like in any family there are chores to do around the house. We as God’s children are priests and kings, we need to practice, prepare and live as such. Become familiar with your kingdom, your country, your king, and the expectations placed on you within it.

God bless