The Lamb of God is Worthy

Just think about this:

Yeshua’s life was worthy enough that he could walk right into heaven.

Are you worthy to enter heaven according to your lifestyle and history?

Probably not.

If you think you ARE worthy… Ok.



My follow up question to that would be:

Are you worthy enough to cover your own life’s way into heaven as well as the person who you hold most dear in your life?

If yes, the third question is:

Are you worthy to cover your life, your dearest’s life and an additional third person, namely the person you dislike the most in your life?

If the answer is still yes, the fourth question is like it,

and so is the fifth, and the sixth, and the seven billionth.


There are about seven billion people in the earth currently.

There have been an estimated 66 generations since Yeshua ascended to heaven,

and approximately 200 generations since the beginning of time.

So that’s like anywhere between 200 billion and 1.4 trillion souls

Yehoshua’s life IS worthy enough to cover not just his own soul, or his family’s or his enemies.

It IS worthy enough to cover all generations of men, and then some.

Thinking about that in and of itself blows my mind.

Thinking about why we have not given ourselves completely to Him as a community also blows my mind in the same passing thought.

If your honest with yourself, the answer to all those questions are no,

so what do you have to lose by having faith in Jesus…

nothing, on the contrary

you have everything to gain… literally.


Bless you

Peace and much luv in Christ Jesus,



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