Bear Your Barrenness


“Sing, O barren

you that did not bear

break forth into singing, and cry aloud

you that did not travail with child

for more are the sons of the desolate

than the sons of the married wife,”

says Yahu.

~ Isaiah 54:1 ~

The married wife is the bride of Messiah, the sons of God, whom we call the church; the desolate is the whore of Babel, those that have fell in love with this life.

This passage is literal on the one hand, as Yeshua teaches,

 “And woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!”

For the time comes, and now is, when the saints shall be removed from the earth so that terror may consume those that do not believe in the Son of God.

This passage is metaphorical on the other hand, as Yeshua teaches,

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,” and “those that mourn” in this life, so does Isaiah 54 teach, “Sing O barren,” cry aloud woman who has not found joy in this life, for the time comes, and now is, when the holy ones of God shall inherit the earth, and those that have had their fill of pleasures in this life must pay the high tab of sin with their death.

Dreadfully, many do not take advantage of the offer from the Lord that by believing on Him our debt of sin is paid for and covered. We must be willing to pay the price now, by following Yeshua and carrying our crosses in this life, so that we may be rich with Him in the next.