He Will Lift Your Burden


Song of Elevations

Look! Bless Yahu,

all servants of Yahu,

the ones who stand in the House of Yahu in the evenings

Lift your holy hands and bless Yahu

Yahu shall bless you from Tsion

He who made the heavens and earth.

~ Psalm 134 ~

The servants of Yahu that stood in His House every night were the priests. The writer is commanding the priests to lift their hands and bless Yahu. The word for lift here is “nasa.” This word is used mostly in the sense of lifting burdens and has sometimes been translated as “forgive” depending on how the word is used in context. The concept of forgiveness has to do with lifting a burden from someone. It is not coincidence then, that we read that Yehoshua had to be lifted up, bearing our sin; making us a nation of priests. God loves to forgive.

If you lift your hands to God

blessing Him

and asking for forgiveness

He will surely bless you from His heavenly home.