Maids and Mistresses


Song of Elevations

To You I lift my eyes, the One who dwells in heavens

Look! As eyes of servants to the hand of their masters

As eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress

so are our eyes to Yahu our God

until He shall be gracious to us

Grace to us Yahu, Grace to us!

Because we are stuffed with disrespect

She has been greatly stuffed, our soul

with the mocking of those that lounge

the disrespect of the proud

~ Psalm 123 ~

The irony here is that the writer is not acknowledging the oppressor as the master, but instead compares his relationship with God as servant to master, maid to mistress. How that must change the mood of an individual, seeing through the power of men and settling in the Hand of God. All children of God must learn to recognizes that men have no power that God has not already given them.