White Sin


“Come let us reason together!” says Yahu,

“If your sins are like double dipped scarlet,

they shall be white like snow;

if they are red like crimson,

they shall be like wool.”

~ Isaiah 1: 18-20 ~

In the Torah if you had tsara’at (leprosy) you were unclean. Tsara’at makes your skin white (which made you an outcast). If your body was fully infected with tsara’at then your whole body was white, yet you would be pronounced clean.

It is to say, even though you are sick, you are healthy.


Because in the future God would send His Son and even though you are sick,

if you believe in Him, you are clean.

No one can brag.

Our purity is an oxymoron,

His Spirit living in us is a very righteous wrong

It is, an is, that shouldn’t be

an interweaving complexity

like loving to death one’s enemy

and clinging to the thing that kills you

because you don’t want her to die…

~ Blessed be God ~