Cyrus, God’s Messiah?


This says Yahu to his messiah (li-meshich-av), to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held,

to subdue nations before him,

and I will loose the loins of kings,

to open before him the two leaved gates.

And the gates shall not be shut.”

{ Isaiah 45:1 }

Why does God refer to Cyrus as His Moshiach (messiah)?

Or is God referring to Cyrus?

This question has been around for millennia, and the answer remains in Yehoshua (Jesus). Cyrus was a foreign king, who was not of Israeli blood. Yet God had chosen him to end the Babylonian supremacy over his children. Isra’El, Yehuda (Judah) specific, had been exiled from their home for disobedience and idolatry against God. Their term was for 70 years.

Babylon was defeated by the Persian King, Cyrus, and he decreed that Jerusalem be rebuilt.

The answer as to why Cyrus was given the title of Moshiach is not of any merit that Cyrus had done prior to his conquest, nor had it to do with any lying ahead in his future. Cyrus foreshadows another.

Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians that the current Jerusalem is like Abraham’s mistress, Hagar, and that the New Jerusalem is like Abraham’s wife, Sarah. He calls the Jerusalem above “mother.” Yet, there is another mother. If the New Jerusalem is the mother of the believer whose faith is in God through faith in His son Yehoshua, then the other city must be the mother to the idolater and the unbeliever. She is written of in the book of Revelation; her name is Babylon.

There is a day, and it is soon in coming, in which a King, foreign to this world, will free His children from Babylonian rule, and cause all idolatry to stop, and in the process Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Currently every nation, not only the city of Jerusalem, is under the drunken influence of Babylon. When Yehoshua returns every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that he is Master and Lord of all. Do not wait for that day to realize that this earth kingdom in which we live, is fallen. Do not wait for that day, to call Him, Lord.