{Isaiah 56:1}

Yahu says this, “Guard judgment and do righteousness, because soon my salvation comes and my righteousness revealed.”

{ ko    amar   yahu     shimroo           mishpat          va-ashoo         tsedaka,               ki      qerova       yeshuati              la-vo                ve-tsidekati                  le-higalot }

{ this  says    Yahu   you-guard      judgement     and-you-do    righteousness    because   close      my-salvation     to-come    and-my-righteousness     to-uncover }


There is much going on in this one verse.

First, God’s salvation is coming soon ( “yeshuati/my-salvation” ).

God’s Messiah is His Salvation.

At the time this passage was written Jesus’ first arrival was on the horizon.

And this prophecy is by no means dead; they are very cutting words for today,

because Jesus’ second arrival is on the horizon.


God said to, “Guard judgment and do righteousness,” to make way for His Messiah.

Again, today God’s Words are not dead they are quite vibrant and alive;

“Guard judgment and do righteousness” to make way for His Messiah.


Judgments are His life saving decisions.

Righteousness is trusting those life saving decisions.

Save a life today.

Put faith in Yeshuati (“my-Jesus”).


To guard God’s life saving decisions is to protect His choices from those who would desire to stifle, choke out, and kill any mention of them.

To do righteousness is to love God. When you love someone you trust them, when you trust them, you do what they say.

God says to love one another.

Love a life today.

Put faith in Yeshuati (“my-Jesus”).